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Here we will take you on a journey about how Eurospa became one of the largest manufacturers of premium linen Bath towels. Currently, we deal in Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Beach Towels and bathrobes that are designed to give you a luxurious feel.  

Eurospa was built over time under Mauria Udyog for the sole purpose of changing the Terry towel industry with a line of premium products. We started out with understanding customer's needs before designing the product.

About Mauria Udyog

Mauria Udyog is the parent company of Eurospa and several multi-product organizations. Mauria Udyog is also known as the largest manufacturer and exporter of LPG Cylinders, LPG gas valves and LPG regulators.  

Mauria Udyog Ltd. Is an ISO 9001:2000, certified by BIS, accredited by UKAS and RVA. Mauria Udyog is also an HSE company and it is also certified for OHSAS: 18001 - 1999 & 14001:1996 by BVQI India. By following all the fair trade practices and keeping up with the guidelines set forth by the Government of India, we can deliver incredible products to consumers worldwide. 

Eurospa is registered under ISO 9001:2008. It is also accredited under SA 8000:2008. Eurospa also owns the SEDEX certificates. We believe in fair practices and we abide by all the laws set by our Government. 

Eurospa's Journey

Our journey consists of multiple steps that took us where we are right now. We started our first Terry Towels manufacturing plant in 2006 and since then we have refined our technology to increase our production capacity.  

We started out with a small manufacturing capacity of 900 tons per annum, since then we have reached up to 2400 tons per annum. The next step in our journey included increasing the manufacturing capacity even further while maintaining the same level of quality on all our products. 

After consolidating the infrastructure and our strengths, Eurospa is all set to pave the way to markets outside of India. We plan to build mutually beneficial business relations with organizations all over the world. Keeping this purpose in mind, our management team is taking steps to make our manufacturing facilities better.  

Our product range included Dobby, Jacquard, Embellished & Embroidered. And we are all set to provide luxurious terry towels for all your needs.  

We support the "Make in India" mission complete passion. Eurospa uses the raw materials from India and follows the made in India policy and everything it stands for. We are the perfect brands for users who deeply support the initiative.  

Our Mission

We carefully evaluated our success since our beginning and we mapped out certain steps. Our mission is to grow continuously while providing our consumers with the same premium range of Terry towels.    

  • Continuous Growth

Eurospa started with a small manufacturing capacity of just 900 tons per year. With time, we grew our manufacturing capabilities to over 2400 tons per year. Right now, our manufacturing factory is spread over 1,50,000 sq feet and it is located in Sohna Road, Faridabad. The manufacturing plant is equipped with more than 30 European looms and machinery. 

  • Quality Development

Our sole aim is to maintain a product quality that is perfect in every way possible. Our products provide customers with the best value for their money. Our employees are our biggest asset as they help us in reaching a certain quality level.  

  • Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

We aim to become the leading linen towel manufacturer and we like to provide consumers with a product that assures quality and value for money. Our products go through a lot of quality checks to keep up with the quality standards.  

Our Vision

Our vision aligns with our mission. We look forward to becoming the largest Bath linen organization while providing consumers with luxury products. Our end goal is to become a cornerstone in embracing new technology, providing services at a competitive price, and manage effective supply chains.   

Eurospa aims towards providing quality services and products at a price that is affordable by all. 

Product Range

  • Designer Jacquard

Available in a coordinated set of Floral Jacquard, geometrical designs, plain shapes and stripes, animal skins, and much more. Choose what you like. 

  • Beach Towels

Perfect for a weekend at the beach. You can choose from designs made on Sealife, floral patterns, colors that signify the sea and embroidered motifs.  

  • Piece Dyed Dobby

Specially designed with soothing colors and patterns ranging from Ocean blue, Forest green & Rose. Pick your favorite from a long list. 

  • Hotel Towels

Our Hotel towels are made from extremely soft material to provide luxury. They come in vibrant colors with smooth texture and materials. 

Why Choose Us?

Every consumer comes across the same question, why should I choose this brand? There are thousands of Terry towel brands in the market, what makes Eurospa so different? We follow 4 basic steps that make us unique and makes us best at what we do.  

  • Assured Quality

One of our main aims is to manufacture and deliver products that stay up to mark. We dedicate a whole team to inspect the quality of products. Each range of products undergoes a certain amount of inspections so you can get towels that are worth your money. We are very familiar with AQL testing standards for the bath linen product and all of our manufacturing plants follow up on these benchmarks.  

  • Ideal Delivery Tine

With time we have focused on the betterment of technology and the process of manufacturing. Our sole focus is to become one of the leading Terry towels manufacturers throughout the world. We can’t achieve that goal if we can’t keep up with the demand for our premium towels range.

We try to make the best on our promise of delivery time and based on customer reviews, we deliver our orders on-time 99% of the time. As we focus on all the factors that could hamper the process in any way. We pay keen attention to the weather one month before the delivery date of the order, so we could find an ideal window to deliver the orders without delays. 

  • Reasonable Prices

Cost composition plays a vital role in the deciding factor of the price. Here’s a difference in cost composition between a Large towels manufacturer and a small manufacturer. Premium products aren't cheap so here is a cost composition on how small and large towel manufacturers settle the price on their prices.  

Cost Composition Large Towel Manufacturer Small Towel Manufacturer
Raw Material 42% 52%
Shipping Costs 3% 5%
Labor Costs 40% 38%
Management Cost 15% 5%
Profit Rate 20-30% 5-15%

As you can see almost every factor that determines cost composition is around the same amount between Small level manufacturers and Large Towel Manufacturer. Here’s why you should invest your money in a Large Towel Manufacturer like Eurospa.   

  • Choosing a small towel manufacturer can lead you to have a headache. Most small level manufacturers don’t care about the quality of the product. The defect rate can reach up to 30%.
  • Large Towel manufacturers have all means necessary to complete your order as fast as possible. Plus the quality of products speaks for itself. We advise you to choose a Eurospa Terry Towel Manufacturer for your needs. 

Our Clientele

We manufacture our products keeping a strict code of quality control in mind. Our product range aims to improve our premium and luxurious touch as much as possible. Don’t believe us, take a look at our clientele and decide for yourself. 

This is a small list of our clientele, reach out to us if you wish to see your name among these giants. 



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